About the Artist
             Elizabeth Shick was born in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, but made the move to Atlanta in 1988.  She studied scientific illustration at U.G.A. Her thesis topic was about Georgia Treefrogs.  Her topic spanned several species of frogs, and included acrylic paintings with adults frogs and tadpoles.  After she graduated summa cum laude from U.G.A. she didnt stop there.  Elizabeth went on to study Medical Illustration at the Medical College of Georgia.  After college, Elizabeth began to pursue what she loves and started working at MLI as their senior medical illustrator.  In 1991, she decided to take a more entrepreneurial route, opening her very own medical illustration business, Medical Visions, and still continues to do that passionately today!  In her down time, she loves to paint and make sculptures of fairytale creatures.
               Elizabeth has always enjoyed Sci-Fi/ Fantasy books ever since she was a little girl.  When she was young, she came across a book called "Grimm's Fairy Tales" and has been in love with fairies ever since!  Elizabeth flawlessly combines her expertise in medical illustrations with her love for fantasy creatures and wildlife to create interesting and beatuiful paintings.  Feel free to check out her artwork today!

  1. Elizabeth Shick at The Great Artists Collective in New Orleans Louisiana
  2. First Fridays at The Marietta Square
  3. Elizabeth Shick at outdoor art shows
  4. Elizabeth Shick at outdoor art shows